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Chlorination of Uranium Oxide with hexachloropropene; uranium tetrachloride
Peter Scott (22nd Aug 2001)

Reaction Scheme

Oxidative metalation of lithium with neopentyl chloride; neopentyl lithium
Colin Morton (22nd Aug 2001)

Diazotisation of an aniline and substitution with iodide to give an iodoarene ; 3-nitro-2-iodotoluene
Kevin Gillespie (22nd Aug 2001)

Buchwald/Hartwig amination of bromopyridines; aminopyridines
Edward Crust (22nd Aug 2001)

Amide coupling of 4-(4-Formyl-3-methoxy)phenoxybutyric acid to aminomethyl polystyrene resin; solid-supported amide with aldehyde functionality.
Daniel Hamza (22nd Aug 2001)

2,4-DNP spot test for solid-supported aldehydes; hydrazones
Daniel Hamza (22nd Aug 2001)

Reaction Scheme

Fmoc analysis of solid-supported amine; carbamates
Daniel Hamza (22nd Aug 2001)

Chlorination of neodymium with hexachloroethane under sonication; Neodymium trichloride THF adduct
Paul O'Shaughnessy (22nd Aug 2001)

Amidation of zirconium tetrachloride with lithium dimethylamide; tetrakis(dimethylamido)zirconium
Colin Morton (21st Aug 2001)

Preparation of mixed carbonates; Benzhydryl cholesteryl carbonate
Leighton Jones (21st Aug 2001)