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Selective benzoylation of primary hydroxyl groups using triethylamine and benzoyl chloride under microwave irradiation.; 1-benzoyloxy-n-hydroxyalkanes
Andrew McCarroll (27th Sep 2001)

Synthesis of a non-conjugated alkenone by Knoevenagel condensation; 1-phenylpent-1-en-4-one
Andrew McCarroll (26th Sep 2001)

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Non-conjugated (beta-gamma unsaturated) alkenones by addition of organozinc intermediates (derived from allyl bromides) to nitriles; Pent-4-en-2-one and hept-1-en-4-one
Andrew McCarroll (25th Sep 2001)

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Claisen rearrangement of indoles; 3-substituted-2-oxindoles
Christine Grew (21st Sep 2001)

Double nucleophilic attack on chloromethyl ethyl ether by bis-imines leading to the formation of an unsaturated heterocyclic carbene precursor; 1,3-Bis-(diisopropylphenyl)imidazolium chloride (an imidazolium salt)
Andrew McCarroll (20th Sep 2001)

Silylation of an alkyne; silyl alkynes
zac etheridge (12th Sep 2001)

Dibal reduction of an amino acid derived methyl ester; Garner's Aldehyde
Rob Stockman (5th Sep 2001)

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Oximation of benzaldehyde; syn-Benzaldoxime
Andrew McCarroll (4th Sep 2001)

Formation of a vinyl epoxide from cyclohexanone; vinyl epoxide
Rob Stockman (31st Aug 2001)

Bromination of an electron-rich aromatic ring (3,5-dimethylanisole); 4-bromo-3,5-dimethylanisole
Mark Birri (31st Aug 2001)