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Thermal Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction of Furan (IMDAF)with N-bromofurfurylalkene; tert-butyl-5-bromo-7-methyl-10-oxa-3-aza-tricyclo[,5]dec-8-ene

SyntheticPage 235 (2005)
Submitted 21st Dec 2005, published 29th Dec 2005

Aydin Demircan ([email protected]),
A contribution from the Demircan Group, Nigde

Chemicals Used
5-Methylfurfurylamine (Aldrich, distilled), 2,3-dibromipropene (Aldrich, distilled) ditertbutydicarboxylate (BOC)2O (Aldrich), n-BuLi(Aldrich).

Cycloaddition Reaction of N-(2-bromoally)-N-(tertbutoxycarbonyl)-5-methylfurfurylamine: The amines (5 mmol) was heated up to 110 oC in 10 mL of toluene for 4 days at which time the reaction mixture was cooled and concentrated. Purification by column chromatography afforded the cycloadducts, and in all cases, the polarity of the cycloadduct was greater that its precursor.

Author's Comments
Synthsesis of IMDAF reaction's precursor was afforded, treatment of 2-methylfurfurylamine (2.3 mmol) with di-tert-butoxy dicarbonate (BOC)2O (0.55 g, 2.5 mmol) in DCM (10 mL) was added N,N-dimethylaminopyridine (30 mg, 0.25 mmol) at 0ºC. The reaction mixture was stirred for 2h at ambient temperature and then concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was used for alkylation without further purification using n-BuLi and 2,3-dibromopropene in THF at -78oC.

tert-butyl-5-bromo-7-methyl-10-oxa-3-aza-tricyclo[,5]dec-8-ene: As a white solids, 0.66 g (40 %) m.p.: 85-87oC. TLC, (Hexane: Diethylether; (5:1)) Rf: 0.22; IR(KBr)(cm-1: 2975(C-H), 1699(C=O), 1479. PNMR (CDCl3, 300MHz): 6.3(d, 1H, J 5.8 Hz), 6.2(d, 1H, J 5.8 Hz), 4.30(dd, 2H, J1 6.0 Hz, J2 12.5 Hz), 3.96(dd, 2H, J1 6.0 Hz, J2 12.0 Hz), 2.06(d, 1H, J 12.5 Hz), 1.70(d, 1H, J 12.5 Hz), 1.68(m, 1H), 1.5 (s, 3H), 1.45(s, 9H). 13CNMR (75.5 MHz): 154.5, 136.8, 135, 95.9, 79.8, 75.4, 64.4, 54.5, 51.9, 48.2, 28.7(3xC), 21.5. m/z (GC-MS): 331[M+(81Br), 8%], 329[M+(79Br), 8%], 274[M+(81Br)-(tBu-H), 18%], 272[M+(79Br)-(tBu-H), 18%], 230[M+(81Br)-(Boc), 44%], 228[M+(79Br)-(Boc), 44%], 57[tBu+, 100%]. EA (C14H20BrNO3): Requires: C 50.92 %, H, 6.10 %, N, 4.24 %, Found: C 51.22 %, H 5.86 %, N, 4.40 %.

Lead Reference
A. Demircan and P. J. Parsons, Synlett, 1215 (1998); A. Demircan and P. J. Parsons, Heterocycl. Commun., 8, 531, (2002).

Other References
I. N. N. Namboothiri, M. Ganesh, S. M. Mobin, M. Cojocaru, J. Org. Chem., 70, 2235, (2005).P. G. Sammes and D. J. Weller, Synthesis, 1205 (1995)

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