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Bromination of an electron-rich aromatic ring (3,5-dimethylanisole); 4-bromo-3,5-dimethylanisole

SyntheticPage 156 (2001)
Submitted 31st Aug 2001, published 31st Aug 2001

Mark Birri ([email protected]),
A contribution from the Caddick Group, Sussex

Chemicals Used
3,5-dimethylanisole (Avocado), Bromine (Aldrich), Carbon Tetrachloride (Bulk).

To a solution of 3,5-dimethylanisole (26mL, 183.8mmol) in CCl4 (300mL), cooled to 0oC was added a solution of bromine (9.4mL, 183.8mmol) in CCl4 (150mL) over three hours by the aid of an addition funnel. The reaction mixture was stirred for a further 1/2 h at 0oC. The resulting orange/brown solution was quenched by addition of 3% NaOH solution (500mL). The organic layer was isolated and dried over MgSO4, filtered and concentrated in vacuo to yield a slightly yellow oil (39.5g, 100%).

Author's Comments
The reaction worked well producing only mono-brominated product. Nmr analysis showed the compound to be of sufficiant purity for use without further purification, although it is possible to purify this oil by distillation. Although I myself have only carried out this reaction once, it has been used for the synthesis of the neocarzinostatin naphthoate synthesis numerous times within the group.

1H nmr (300MHz, CDCl3) 2.40 (6H, s), 3.77 (3H, s), 6.66 (2H, s).

Lead Reference
Rucker, M. Brueckner, R. Synlett, 1997, 1187-1189.

Other References

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